Young Scot

Young Scot is the national information and citizenship for young people aged 11-26 in Scotland. *** Young Scot cardholders can get a yearly subscription for the Dyslexia Voice magazine for £10.

KIDS Zone - NHS Glasgow website for children and young people

‘KIDS’ stands for Kids Independently Developing Skills. The information on this site is designed to help children and young people to be as independent as possible in all aspects of their day to day living. 'Kids Zone' is your area of this NHS website where you can learn more about developing your skills and looking after yourself.

Animal Me

What's your animal personality?

A survival guide for dyslexic students

A useful summary of practical things that can help you at college or uni by The Codpast

Needs to Learn

The rights of pupils aged 12 - 15 to change their support from school

7 iPad apps to help students with dyslexia - article

This article from explores useful iPad apps for dyslexic students.

Reach (website)

Reach is Enquire's website for young people. Find out about your rights to extra support if you're struggling with school for any reason.

Childline - Ask Sam - Dyslexic and lonely

Ask Sam is a feature on the Childline website where children can write in to Sam with their questions about anything! See an example of a dyslexia letter to Sam here.


Childline provides free, private and confidential help for young people in the UK.

BBC Bitesize

"Bite size", interactive revision guides from the BBC for all ages, levels and subjects.