Exams (PDF)

Info and advice on Assessment Arrangements you may be entitled to when taking your exams, and how to arrange these with your school or college.

Dyslexia friendly formats (PDF)

Contains tips on how to make worksheets and reading materials more dyslexia-friendly. Share this with your teachers - they might find it useful too.

Dyslexia and visual issues (PDF)

Dyslexia can affect your vision and visual perception too. This leaflet explains some of the ways how and gives advice on where to find support and help.

Famous people with dyslexia (PDF)

More examples of famous people who have dyslexia.

Youth Information - what is dyslexia? (PDF)

Information about dyslexia and how to get support.

Explaining dyslexia to children leaflet (PDF)

This leaflet contains information on how to explain what dyslexia is to children. You could pass this on to your parents, teachers or support workers if you think they would find it useful. You could also use it to help you explain about your dyslexia to your younger siblings too.

'What is dyslexia?' - PowerPoint presentation

Do you find it hard to explain to others what dyslexia is? You’re not alone! This presentation has useful facts, visuals and exercises to help you and others understand dyslexia.