A day in the life of... Jackie

By Dyslexia Scotland | 12 Oct 2017

8.00am – Jackie’s alarm goes off a few times before she gets up. Mum gives her a shake to wake her up. She puts on her school uniform and runs out the door, she’ll get breakfast at break time.

8.40am – In time for school. Today is a mixed bag. Maths to start the day but PE later on. Maths used to be really hard, but Jackie has had some tutoring and her teacher even uses the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit to help her learn. She still doesn’t love maths, but it’s getting less scary now.

11.00am – Break time. Jackie is getting tired and cranky. Brekkie from the canteen makes her feel better. She catches up with her friend about last night’s tv. They both love animal programmes and want to be vets some day.

11.30am – In English class, Jackie is getting a bit behind with reading. The rest of the class are much further on. She wants to try dyslexia friendly books but feels a bit shy to ask. Jackie really wants to pass English this year so she can leave and go to college, but it’s a bit of a struggle.

1.30pm – Lunch time. Jackie has recently joined a Coding Club run by the 6th years. She likes learning new stuff like this and wants to build a game for other dyslexic kids.

2.30pm – PE at last! Jackie is the school’s hockey champion and has loads of trophies. She loves being out in the fresh air, running around. Jackie’s PE coach has arranged for her to get a trial for Scotland’s U18 team this weekend. She’s pumped about it and trains really hard every day after school.

4.30pm – Home after another great training session. Jackie’s mum is off today and has made her a great tea, fit for athletes. Jackie decides to chat with her mum about the difficulties with English, as she’s a bit worried now about being behind. Mum says she’s going to the Dyslexia Scotland branch meeting tonight and will ask other people for ideas about what might help.

6.00pm – Jackie chills out on the sofa, watching nature programmes with her big brother. She’s feeling better for speaking to her mum and is really excited about the hockey trial at the weekend. Some days she feels that the world is her oyster, and some days it all feels really rough. This has been an ok day.

10.00pm – Jackie goes to bed but it’s midnight before she’s asleep. She doesn’t notice the time go so fast when she’s looking through Facebook. Finally her phone runs out of battery and she crashes out too. Mum will wake her tomorrow.