My way - a poem by Harrison Dunbar

My way

My way is different

My way is fine

My way is a swirling roller-coaster

Not a straight line


My way is a page turner

But its only one page

My way is unique

To under-stand you have to engage


My way can be recycled

It doesn’t have to be trashed

It’s sorted into boxes

But the items are smashed


My way is not a mask

It doesn’t cover my face

It expresses who I am

It shows my life’s pace


My way is a sword

it helps me battle through a field

it doesn’t protect me from every thing

it isn’t a shield


My way is freestyle

it’s not the same thing again and again

my way can be rubbed out

it’s not made of marker pen


My way goes backwards sometimes

And sometimes inside out

It never frustrates me enough

To make me want to shout


My way is so detailed

Yet it’s way too basic

It’s not a map it’s a globe

I use it on a regular basis


My way doesn’t stop

Unlike some people in bed they lay

This isn’t yours, your families, your friends

Why this, this is my way