Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel lived with dad,

He was very very mad

Cause he married another

Her wickedness made me shudder!!

She gives me the willies,

It makes me think I am silly,

One day she wanted rid,

Of those poor little kids,

She sent them to the wood

Hoping they’d be gone for good

Hansel banged at the door

“They won’t let us in anymore”

Instead they found a house made of sweets

It was a treat

A wicked witch

Said “come in for a dish”

Hansel and Gretel followed her in

Hoping she would not be a sin

She locked Hansel in a cage

He was in a rage

Gretel was forced to work

But she had a smirk

She punched the witch

Into the oven

One less witch in the coven