'Breathe' - a poem by Abbie Brown

I am Abbie Brown.

Sister, daughter, friend and cousin. To some nothing but to my self I am happy, creative, different and just love life.

But everyone has their day - some more than others.

Beathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.


The teacher says, as tears run down my face and thoughts and sounds rush through my brain.


I realize I am safe- nothing has hurt me or my family.

I am fine.

As I come back to reality and relaxation I take a deep breath and everything seems to feel lighter.

I am fine.




‘I am fine’ is some thing I tell my self day in, day out to reassure myself that everything is ok.

I want to be able to leave the house with out a constant fear that something will happen.

I want to sleep without a worry.

I want to able to wear what I want with out feeling like I should fit in.

But the truth is, I won’t stop worrying but that is ok because that is the way my brain was put together.


Finding the right nuts and bolts to repair it.

Things will get better.


Abbie Brown February 2019