Abbie's Story

By Abbie Brown | 19 Dec 2018

                             My Dyslexia story

My name is Abbie Brown and at the age of 11 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was at the end of P7 when I got the news the news that changed my life. After 6 years of trying to find out what was wrong with me, what was holding me back? I finally found out.

Finding out that I had dyslexia was one of the best and most beneficial things that happened to me. The build-up was not though. Every a week test, everyday writing, every minute asking the person next to me “is this right? What do I do?”  I felt like I was a baby learning to write, spell and read but it I wasn’t. It just turned out that I have different needs and that is ok.

I let dyslexia control my life. The whole thought of people judging me for the way I spell, read, and write killed me. Even teachers telling me “You just need to put your head down” or “You just need to try a little harder”. No matter if I did put my head down or tried that little bit harder, nothing changed because I have dyslexia and I have come to accept that and so have other people.

The anxiety and stress of going to school and knowing that you will be picked to answer a question or read in front of the class was dreadful. After telling the teacher that I have dyslexia or struggle with this or that they still made me read in front of the class or answer question but after a while I was confident to answer a question every now and again or read a few lines from a book in front of the class.

But dyslexia is not all that bad because of dyslexia I am in a book called Dyslexia is my Super Power (Most of the Time) for drawing a picture. But because of my dyslexia I have got stronger as a person and as an individual. I am proud to be dyslexic and I would tell it to the whole world if I could because being dyslexic is a good thing and we need to express that.

I am now 13 years old and I am proud to be dyslexic because that’s who I am and nothing will change that.