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Anna Gain and the Same Sixty Seconds  by Guy Bass, illustrated by Steve May

Guy Bass and Steve May return with another totally punny adventure as they put a twist on Groundhog Day.


Ever‑punctual Anna Gain is never late … until today. After a series of crazy accidents, the unthinkable happens – Anna misses the bus to school! But a moment later she’s transported one minute back in time. Anna finds herself stuck reliving the same sixty seconds, trying and failing to catch her bus again … and again … and again … Will Anna ever escape this maddening minute? Or is fate trying to teach Anna a lesson?


"Entertaining and very funny ... a hilarious and chaotic adventure!" A Library Lady 

ISBN: 978-1-78112-916-6
Reading Age: 8
Interest Age: 8+




The Disconnect | Keren David

Could you disconnect from your phone for six weeks? Six weeks without sharing photos, without group messages, without being kept in the social‑media loop?


An eccentric entrepreneur has challenged Esther’s year group to give up their phones for sex weeks, and the winners will walk away with £1,000. For Esther, whose dad and sister live thousands of miles away in New York, the prize might be her only chance to afford flights for a visit … But can she really stay disconnected long enough to win?


“A short, snappy and entertaining book with an irresistible premise” - BookTrust

​​ISBN: 978-1-78112-855-8
Reading Age: 8
Interest Age: Teen