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Toad Attack! by Patrice Lawrence

Illustrated by Becka Moor

A quirky comedy caper with an environmental message and a brilliant cast of characters


It’s another normal morning for Leo – until a toad lands on his head. It’s a toad attack!

Before Leo knows it, the toads are everywhere, munching through gardens and causing chaos around town. Upper Dab’s angry residents are ready to take matters into their own hands – but where did the toads come from? And what are they doing here? Together with his best friend Rosa, Leo needs to come up with some answers before the toads become toast!

​​ISBN: 978-1-78112-844-2
Reading Age: 8 
Interest Age: 8-12


"It’s hard to resist any book that starts with toads dropping from the sky and that’s just one of the delights of this story … A fun, original adventure that will keep everyone hoppy” – LoveReading4Kids




Good Boy  by Mal Peet

Illustrated by Emma Shoard

A powerful and unnerving novella that will keep you guessing long after its final page …



A sinister black dog stalks Sandie Callan in her sleep. Its glinting eyes and low blood-curdling growl leave her terrified. Only her precious pet mongrel Rabbie can keep the monster at bay. But when Rabbie is no longer there to protect her, Sandie’s worst nightmare returns …

​​ISBN: 978-1-78112-852-7
Reading Age: 8
Interest Age: Teen


"There are many writers who can take you inside a nightmare. It takes Mal Peet to show you the way back out” – Frank Cottrell Boyce