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Being dyslexic can have real advantages in work, if you know how to work to your strengths. This page gives you the low-down on ways dyslexia can shape your career journey, and how you can make the most of your strengths.

Check out the career paths that these dyslexic people have taken. Click on their picture to download a poster.

 Colin - Property Business

Emily Emily - Trainee teacher

Gavin-dyslexic-police-officer Gavin - Police Officer

Indie-dyslexic-animator-social-enterprise Indie - Social Enterprise Animation company owner

Kat-Scottish-Government-Dyslexia Kat - Scottish Government manager


Check out these useful tools for helping make career choices:

Buzz – A personality quiz with job suggestions

My Strengths – Skills Development Scotland’s strengths quiz

Exceptional Individuals – A dyslexic recruitment site

Animal Me – A fun personality quiz

My World of Work has a range of information including things like How to build a CV, Interviewstraining courses and studying guides and career choices.


Look at some of Dyslexia Scotland’s leaflets on job searching and the workplace:

Job Applications

Job Interviews

Employees Guide

Study Skills

Dyslexia and ICT



The Codpast: Working Life

Before you feel pressure

The Creative Brilliance of Dyslexia

Dyslexia and Access to Work

Not sure if you can join the Police of you're dyslexic? Find out from Gavin what being a Police Officer with dyslexia is like.