Dyslexia is my Superpower - gallery 2

By Dyslexia Scotland | 13 Oct 2017

These inspiring art works were submitted by children and young people from Scotland and further afield for Margaret Rooke’s new book Dyslexia is my Superpower (most of the time!). Margaret only got to pick a few for her book, so we're getting the chance to show off the rest on Dyslexia Unwrapped!

Click the images below to see the full size pictures.

Image credits (left to right)

1. 'Happy things' - Emma, age 9, Renfrewshire Scotland. Emma drew this picture of her "happy thing", her rabbit Wawa.

2. 'My cat' - Emma, age 9, Renfrewshire.

3. 'Self portrait' - Erin, age 14, Edinburgh, Scotland. Erin says: "I may struggle in school but I'm proud to be dyslexic".

4. 'Sunset' - Grace, age 11, Wishaw, Scotland. Grace drew this illustration using her laptop. She also uses her laptop to help her with touch typing and uses Clicker 7 at school to help with her dyslexia.

5. 'Dyslexia - Japanese Anime style' - Halle, age 13, Bo'ness, Scotland. Halle's mum says: "Halle definitely finds art a great way of releasing some of the frustration brought on by her dyslexia and, of course, by being a teenager".

6. 'Two sides of dyslexia' - Isla, age 13. 

7. 'Swimming' - Isla, age 12, Scotland. Isla drew a picture of her swimming because she loves to swim. Isla says: "I like swimming because it lets me forget if something was hard at school and have fun". 

8. 'Dyslexia' - Isaac, age 10, Edinburgh, Scotland. Isaac is very talented and his hobbies include: parkour, basketball, animation, drawing, drama and playing clarinet. Issac's mum says: "Isaac has filled up so many sketchbooks with drawings in this style of his and I think working on this drawing has actually helped him accept his dyslexia more".

9, 'Dyslexia makes me awesome!' - Jack, age 8, Cardiff, Wales. Jack says: 'Dyslexia makes me different... it makes me AWESOME!"

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